What is Riso-lab?

Our thoughts about Riso-lab have been with us since the start of our studio, we have wanted this space to be a place of creating, collective inspiration and learning of each other. Riso-lab is driven by us, and to be able to print here, you become a member. The membership is paid every third month, and there are two different payment options for the membership (more info following). As a member, you have access to the workshop when we are here, and after a months membership, you have the option of lending a key to get access at evenings and weekends. 
In the workshop, there is one risograph with them colour drums (Black, Yellow, Fluorescent Pink, Orange, Red, Teal, Blue, Purple, Flat Gold and Aqua), A cutting machine, a staple and binging combo machine, a manual stapler, a spiral binder, as well as working area, working tables, various bookbinding material, and some material for making analogue riso-print. The workshop is for those who want to create various prints with artistic content or purposes, not for commercial reasons. For those who wish to print large editions for selling etc, we still advise you to make an order of print, a service we still have. For non-profit organisations, other rules apply, which we will get back to later. 

How do I become a member?

From the beginning of September 2021 you can apply for membership. To do this, you enter our website, fill out your data, and fill out what kind of payment plan you would like to have in your membership by pushing the ”Join Riso-lab” button. 

To be a member it’s required that you take a so-called drivings licence in using the machines etc. The course is about 1 hour, we go through all the machines and rules of the studio. You get the opportunity to test run the machine, but you should know that the course is mainly so that you don’t hurt yourself or any equipment, and not a creative course in using riso. To learn more about creative printing etc, we suggest you book private or other workshops to learn more. 

To see dates for booking drivings licence, you can check out dates under WORKSHOP, but we will also contact you and try to book an appointment:)

When you send your application on the website, we get back to you as soon as possible to grant your application and to book an appointment for your licence. When you attend the day for your licence we also have a little contract that we need you to sign.

How do I book time for printing?

As soon as you have completed your licence, and we have opened the booking, you are free to book time for print etc in the studio. We are here daytime and can help you with small issues and tips, but if you want a lot of assistance we advise you to book a workshop with us. 

Booking is made through our website, and we will open the booking the same day as we open Riso-lab. When you have been a member for over a month you also can get access to the studio when we are not here.

What does it cost?

We have two payment models for membership, to assure that we have a deal that could work if you have a low income or have a more steady income and want to print more. Regardless of the payment plan, you need to get a ”drivings licence” to have access to the workshop, and the fee for the licence is 500kr inc taxes and is paid when it’s booked. 

Fix-plan: With this plan, the membership is 300kr/month, with the opportunity of booking 6 hours/month in the workshop. If you use more than those 6 hours/month, you can pay an extra 50kr/hour (only the usage or printing and the machines are paid for, to use the studio space is for free with membership). If you want to print a lot and regularly, this is a good deal.

Flex-plan: With the flex plan, you pay 50kr/month. Printing time is not included in this plan, so you pay an hourly cost of 50kr/hour based on how many hours you use (only the usage or printing and the machines are paid for, to use the studio space is for free with membership). This deal is good if you want to be a member, but will print more sometimes and less sometimes. 

Material: Since the material you use will vary a lot from person to person, the material is paid separately at the end of your booked time. The prices are the same that we pay for buying them. 


15kr/50 prints/color

Paper cost varies between 1-5 kr, depending on weight and quality. The paper should always be in stock for small projects, but if you are planning a big project, let us know and you can order a lot of paper directly from us. We will also have a wish list for paper, so if a lot of members want to get a certain paper we will order it. 

What's included?

To use the studio space to sketch on print things, binding zines, making a collage for analogue printing is free of charge, the hourly fee is counted from when you start using the machines. This is because we want to make it easy to be here and we want this space to be a place of creativity, but also there is more space for people using the tables than there is for people printing.

We will release some new workshops this fall, but we will also keep our private workshops available for booking, so if you feel a bit like you could use some more practice on the machine, you can still book those. As a member, you have a discount on all workshops, and in the future, we hope to get more financial support so that we can give you an even better discount. 

In the workspace we also have space to work, tables that you can move around, some storage for ongoing projects, drying racks for your paper, but also nice things like light-table, sketching material, vinyl player etc. 

Can I print how much I want?

We want this print- workshop to be as accessible for as many as possible, so there is a limit to only having one Risograph. There is also the aspect that we want to benefit small scale projects. If you want to print a large scale project, we suggest you make an order of prints, which is a service we still have. We are trying out restrictions in print, with might change depending on how high demand it gets. 

The restrictions in the current state are that every member can print 50 pieces of an edition image/poster/zine/other print, and that restriction is final, so there is no possibility to print more the 50 prints under membership. It is however possible to order prints as a service, from an edition that you have printed as a member in endless editions.

If you print more than one item a month, the maximum number of prints you can make in total is 100 prints, that is 50 pieces of two different editions, if you happen to make (for example) 10 different editions one month, the maximum edition you can make is 10 of each. The following month you can print 10 more and 10 of each if you want. 

The exception: If you are printing something that will be used to promote or to sell to the purpose of a non-profit organisation, other rules apply. If that’s your case, we ask you to contact us and tell us about the project, we approve large edition printing if the workshop is not overbooked, and also if we approve of the purpose. Of course, we do not permit organisations that have racist, sexist, right-wing extremist, homophobic purposes, and we withhold the right of deciding which projects we permit to.

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