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Gift card for workshops at Jemini press. Can be purchased as a payment for a whole workshop or for part of a workshop.

Information about Workshops:

Private workshop

In this course, you, or you and your plus one get the opportunity to print with us for three hours. We start with an introduction to Riso printing and then we start printing as much as we can during that time. You get to choose if you would like to print a few two or one-color prints or fewer prints with more color choices. You get to keep 5 copies of every print batch you make, and if you would like more you can buy them for the cost of production. This is a really sweet deal if you are looking to make a bunch of poster projects. No previous experience of Riso printing needed.

For this course, you can work both digitally or analog. You can also create your artwork during the course, but there is a limit of time so bear in mind that it can not be too complicated. If you wish to work digitally you can bring your computer, or you can borrow ours if you have your images on a cloud or a USB-stick. We strongly suggest that the art piece that you wish to print is a work of your own or that the artist gave you permission to print.



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